How can you combine your vacation in Rhodes with other travel destinations?

Rhodes, with its international airport, is an ideal base for travelling in the southeast Aegean region. The visitor has the unique opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful islands in Greece!

The enchanting Symi island, with its neoclassical architecture will steal your heart at first sight, as evidenced by the stories of visitors who have bought houses and return to the island every year or others who come back by boat, sailboat or yacht.

Upon arriving on the island, the first thing you see is the impressive bell tower dated to 1881. After walking in Gialos, the port of the island, and admiring the colourful mansions and pebble floors as in the church of Agios-Ioannis (St. John), the road takes you to Kali Strata, which leads with its 400 steps to Chorio (upper town). This is where the renovated Symi Archaeological Museum and the old communal pharmacy are located. After another 100 steps, you will find the fortress with the coat of arms of the Knights of St. John. The breath-taking view from here is open in all directions, you can see the upper town with its churches and the old windmills, the port (Gialos) and the beautiful Pedi Bay.

In Pedi used to be the summer houses of the Symi citizens and nowadays there are small hotels and rooms for rent. It offers an alternative if you do not want to stay overnight in Gialos or Chorio. From Gialos, you can reach Emporio or Nimborio, the second port of Symi, the most peaceful settlement on the island.

Symi offers many beaches for swimming and most of them are only accessible by boat.The steep rocks at some of them, like at the beach of Agios Georgios Dysalonas, with a height of 350m, will remain unforgettable to you.

The major attraction of the island after Gialos and the village is the monastery of the Archangel Michael which dominates the Panormitis bay. You can get here by boat or by the winding road (21 km), through a beautiful forest that connects Gialos with Panormitis.

The quiet island of Halki will free your mind, change your rhythm and remind you of the basic needs of life. Be happy with the simple things, enjoying the endless blue on the promenade with friends, tasting local specialities and having a glass of wine.

Would you like an excursion to Kos, home to Hippocrates, the father of medicine?

In one day, you can visit the most important monuments of the island: the sanctuary of the god of medicine, Asklepion, and the town of Kos with the Archaeological Museum and the restored villa from the Roman period (Casa Romana). A city that gives the impression of an open-air museum because the excavations are next to the city’s modern buildings.

The city’s old port is the ideal place to relax and try the local specialities. Before returning to Rhodes, you will have time to stroll up to the famous old plane tree of Hippocrates. Here this famous ancient doctor, according to the tradition, taught his students. Not far away is also the fortress of Kos, which protected the city’s port in the age of the Knights of St. John.

The ecologically sustainable island of Tilos is also on the same route, an island with loyal friends around the world who keep returning every year. Tilos is powered entirely by renewable energy and, combined with its biodiversity, it deserves the title of a Green Island.

It became known as the island of the pygmy elephants in the 1970s when the bones of the last elephants to live in Europe, about 3,500 years ago, were discovered in a cave on the island. The new museum is next to the cave where the bones were found.

The ship will dock in Livadia, the island’s port, and the largest settlement on the island. Be sure to visit the monastery of Agios Panteleimon, which you can reach after an adventurous route past cliffs. The view from the monastery, which was built like a fortress because of the threat of pirates, is impressive. On the way back to Livadia, a stop in Megalo Chorio, the island’s capital, and a walk in the alleys are essential. Enriched with new pictures and experiences, you can stop in one of the taverns by the sea in Livadia.

The volcanic island of Nisyros, with the youngest active volcano in Greece, differs completely from all other islands in the Dodecanese and is a living museum of geology and magmatic rocks.

Mandraki is the port and the amphitheatrically built capital of the island, dominated by the Venetian castle and the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, at the top of the village. Here you can find houses with wooden balconies and the typical architecture of the island.

Most fascinating to visitors though is the volcano’s caldera. It has a diameter of about four kilometres and many smaller craters inside, in which we can still observe hydrothermal activity, with water and steam temperatures reaching 99 degrees Celsius. The settlements of Emporio and Nikia offer a magnificent view of the caldera that will fascinate you.

Would you like to visit another country and be on another continent?

Marmaris in Turkey is only an hour away from Rhodes and is awaiting you. There you will meet a completely unique perspective, smell the aromas of the East, enjoy spices and sweets and go shopping in the city’s Grand Bazaar.

The road also takes you to the city’s famous marina, where hundreds of sailboats and yachts, from around the world, are lying in the water. Before deciding to try the typical recipes of Turkish cuisine, you can walk to the city’s fortress, which is also home to a museum. From here, the sea and city views are breath taking and the photos you take will be one of a kind.

Filled with new images and experiences, you will make your way back to Rhodes.