The top 5 excursions in Rhodes

The city of Rhodes

The new town of Rhodes impresses with the public buildings of the Italian era, in a colonial style, with influences from Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, complemented by elements of the Orient. In the small port of Mandraki, on two pillars you will see, the deer and doe, ancient symbols of the island.

Many have imagined that the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, stood here. However, experts now claim that it was actually in the sanctuary's area of the Sun-god Helios, in today’s medieval city of Rhodes.

The city of the Knights of St. John, with its unique character, is a must for every visitor of the island. It’s in great condition and takes its visitors back in time. It combines history and gastronomy, shopping and nightlife. UNESCO recognized the value of this monument and declared it a World Heritage Site.

Narrow streets enchant the visitor and lead him back to the time of the Middle Ages. The street of the Knights remains more or less like it was when the Knights had the seat of their order in Rhodes. The restored Palace of the Grand Master is an impressive building, well worth a visit.

In the course of your walks, you will find many Byzantine churches and also mosques from the long Ottoman period. During this time and until the Second World War, a large Jewish minority lived in Rhodes. In Rhodes today exists the oldest synagogue in Greece with a very interesting Jewish museum.


A village with traditional architecture looking like it escaped from a painting. At the top of the rock crowns the famous acropolis of Lindos, the ancient sanctuary of the goddess Athena Lindia and the medieval knight’s castle.

The captains’ houses of Lindos bear witness to the development of this place in the past.

When you find one that is now a café or restaurant, you can enjoy the tranquillity of its inner courtyard, which is paved with the traditional Chochlaki (pebble) of Rhodes.

The butterfly valley

A little paradise, a habitat for the famous Rhodes butterflies. Every summer tens of thousands of nocturnal butterflies, of the species Panaxia Quadripunctaria, gather here to survive the hot summer. The sweet gum tree (Liquidambar Orientalis) provides the needed shade. A tree which looks like a plane tree but has smaller leaves and doesn’t exist anywhere else in Europe.

Ideal place for nature lovers, who also like short hikes in a beautiful ambient.


The dream of every surfer and kite surfer, a small island that connects to the rest of the island with a strip of sand and, with the help of the wind, creates the ideal setting to enjoy their favourite sport. But even for those who are not interested in surfing, the view of this fantastic landscape alone is worth the kilometres you have to cover in order to reach the southern tip of Rhodes.

Symi, colourful and unique

Holidays in Rhodes offer the sole opportunity to take a day trip by boat to one of the most charming Greek islands and take some of the most beautiful photos of your vacation. After boarding, you will have a marvellous view of the medieval city of Rhodes and the buildings of the new city.

What you will always remember, however, is the panoramic view when the ship enters the port of Symi. Colourful mansions, most of them in the neoclassical style, amphitheatrically built on the rocks, in a natural bay.

You can stroll through the wonderful alleys and try the traditional delicacies from the bakeries that smell of cinnamon and cloves or sit in the tavern to enjoy seafood or the local goat meat.

In order to reach the oldest part of the settlement, one can climb the 400 steps from Gialos, that is the name of the port, to reach the Chora, the upper town. There are also taxis or minibuses but you can certainly see more on foot! After another 100 steps you will reach the knight’s castle, in antiquity the acropolis of the city. Your effort of the climb will be rewarded as the view from above will take your breath away!

On the way back, the ship stops at the monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis, the patron saint of the island which was built in a sheltered bay (Panormos). The view of the bell tower and the sound of the bell, which greets every ship entering the port impress the visitors.

Marmaris, a trip to another continent

If you want to do something completely different during your vacation in Rhodes, we recommend Marmaris in Turkey. After a journey of only one hour, you change country and continent and see a beautiful coastal city on a green background from the forests of the region. You can stroll through the city’s endless oriental bazaar, have your coffee, and try the delicious local sweets.

The road also takes you to the city’s famous marina with hundreds of sailboats and yachts moored in the water. Before you decide to try the typical specialties of the Turkish cuisine, you can visit the city’s fortress, which also houses a museum. From here, the sea and city views are breathtaking and the photos you take will be one of a kind.