Who hasn’t been in the situation where you visited a fantastic place, snapped loads of pictures but the end result is just not right? Plans of sharing all your great experiences with the world were ruined just because you didn’t know where to find the right spot for impressive photos, showing the uniqueness of the place you visited? No worries, here. Let us help you find the perfect place and your social media might just go crazy with the likes you will receive:

Your first picture should be from the sun deck, on the bow of the boat, as you enter the harbor of Symi. You will get a panoramic shot of the village which is built amphitheatrically around the harbor.

Your next Photo stop should be on top of “Kali Strata” the main staircase of the village. You will have a great overlook of all the narrow alleys crisscrossing through the colorful homes of Symi and the local shops.

Don’t miss the perfect selfie, or panorama shot from the hilltop of the ruins, of the medieval castle. From here you overlook all of Symi town and the harbor, as well as Pedi bay on the other side.

If you ask a local, they will tell you to go to the Anchor, the small bridge of Symi town, and Michalakis for a perfect picture, all located at the same spot, at the Gialos harbor. Trust their advice!

You have not been to Symi if you haven’t taken a picture or selfie in front of the historic clock tower or the war monument, which is carved out of a single rock, the most photographed landmark of Symi

Last but not least are the numerous beaches of Symi with their crystal-clear waters

And the bay of Panormitis with its renowned monastery. Just remember pictures are not allowed inside the monastery!

Snap away and show us some your favorite pictures!