What does Panormitis mean to you?

How can a tama, well-sealed in a bottle, travel from the edge of the earth and reach the small port of Panormitis, Symi?

What waves move it and what kind of forces come together so that the inanimate glass acquires a course, direction and will, to become the carrier on the journey of a request to the Archangel Panormitis?

And, if the lifeless glass traveled thousands of kilometers in the sea, then the plea of ​​the message it carries will surely reach further, higher in the heavens, deeper in the soul of the creation of the world.

Panormitis expanse faith. The faith who joins the hands of people all over the world and once it feels the message of the request, it makes sure to bring it one step closer to its destination.

Hand to hand, person to person, day by day, the message of supplication becomes universal and is led to its destination, to the safe harbor.

The tama in the bottle; The plea of a mother for her child, of the sick for their health, of the student for his life, of the family for joy, of the loss for healing, the wish for hope to come true and so many others, supplications unite the faithful and as the tama travels it becomes stronger, more powerful and with the magic that surrounds people's lives it reaches its destination.

In the same way, each person changes and from being a vessel of life is transformed into a bearer of faith, and each year sets out for the tama of his life, for the tama that gives course, direction and courage for the passage of each day.

For me, the person of the Aegean Maritime Company - Sea Dreams, Panormitis is the fulfillment of the Tama. With Sea Dreams and King Saron I become the carrier, the bottle of the message, so that each person can reach, as a message of faith, where his heart calls him every year.

This year, I proudly support our Olympian Charalambos Taiganidis to fulfill his own ambition, swimming from Rhodes to Panormitis. I will be by his side, in every stretch, against every wave, until he reaches the windless port of Archangel Michael.

In the Aegean Maritime Company - Sea Dreams, every year I set out for my own dream, a daily connection between Panormitis and Rhodes, culminating on the 8th of November, a day of honor to the Archangel of the Aegean. A wish that began decades ago, when in the war-ravaged church of Panormitis, my ancestors gathered the offerings of the faithful, from around the world, who wanted in that corner of the earth the flame of faith to remain bright and strong, to be there, as a support, as a promise of supplication in their great difficulties.

For me, Panormitis is the Archangel of the Aegean and I have two wishes. One is to be there, to move the faithful to its port. The other I keep to myself, reserved to tell the Archangel again this year, on the pilgrimage.

For you, what does Panormitis mean?