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Sea Dreams always prioritises the security and reliability of its services. With the latest global developments in the COVID 19 pandemic, Sea Dreams is reconsidering the standards of its services and the cleanliness of its boats. The company is grateful for the trust that travellers have shown and wants to inform them about the hygiene and safety plan that will follow before and during its travels (during its reopening or operation or pandemic). The use of technology, the development of new cleaning plans, the application of new rules and behaviours will minimise the risk of transmitting the disease and increase the safety of travellers, human resources and its partners.

Ticket Procedure and Boarding Cards

Travellers who have booked their ticket online will not need to have their ticket printed. Using their phone in the check-in process, they will receive a single use boarding pass which they will keep for the entire duration of their trip without having to give it to anyone. By selecting this card, they can go on board in every port.

If an external partner of the company has completed the purchase of the ticket, then the travellers will replace their ticket with one-use boarding passes. By selecting this card, they can go on board in every port.

In order to board the boats, a "Pre-boarding" form must be completed and delivered to the person in-charge of the boat's Financial Service.

To facilitate the inspection and the boarding process, passengers are requested to arrive at the port of departure on time.

Passengers who have come in contact with a COVID 19 patient in the last 14 days, as passengers who have symptoms of COVID 19 infection (runny nose, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms) should not travel.

During boarding

The carpet at the boat's entrance will be sprayed with the necessary disinfectants a few minutes before the start of the boarding process in each port.

To maintain the necessary safety distance, we have installed a particular floor marking to delineate the waiting and service line of the passengers in case of congestion.

Temperature checks are mandatory as each passenger is required to bring and wear their mask.

During the trip

The air conditioning units of the boats do not recycle the air inside the boat and especially in the ship lounge rooms because they have specialised air filtration systems and offer 100% natural air.

Adjustment of seats and cleanliness of the boats

There are signs in the boats that remind passengers of the need to keep the required distance.

At the entrance of the boats, on the stairs, in the toilet and different parts of the living room, special packaging for hand disinfectants will be placed, operating with a photocell.

The rooms are configured so that more space is available, and the required distance is guaranteed.

The outside areas of the decks that our boats have are ideal for every trip.

In our boats, 40% of the available seats are in outdoor lounges.

Intensification of cleaning and disinfection procedures

At each destination, after the passengers leave the boat, there will be complete disinfection with hand sprayers on all surfaces of the ships, at the points of multiple contacts, seats, and in the WC.

Additional disinfection with fogger (cold spray machine) at 1000ppm is carried out by a specialised and certified by the Greek Medicines Agency, external enterprise.

Gel placement for air volume hygiene in the salons and WC of the boat. The gel also achieves daily disinfection of air conditioners.

The products selected by the trained staff of Sea Dreams and our partners are powerful disinfectants for the whole range of germs, bacteria, etc. They are also certified and 100% safe. At the same time, they are environmentally and human friendly.

Food safety

To maintain the necessary safety distance, a Plexiglas guard was placed on the bar.

Special floor marking has been installed to limit the waiting and service line of passengers in case of congestion.

The boat bars will only have standard (packaged) products, snacks and drinks, which will implement food safety programs.

The staff of the bars attends a training program that includes instructions for increased disinfection and hygiene and cleaning practices.

Human resources

The officers and crews of the boats are fully trained in the new practices, precautionary, hygiene and cleanliness instructions that they will apply during the trips. At the same time, they are informed about the treatment of any suspected case at sea in cooperation with the in-charge authorities.

Officers and crew of the boats will use gloves and masks during the trips.

Continuous inspections will be carried out to ensure that our external partners follow the new hygiene systems.

Dealing with a suspected case

Officers and crews of the boats are trained and informed in cooperation with the responsible authorities to deal with any suspected case at sea.

Appropriate equipment (masks, gloves, face mask, special kit, etc.) is available onboard.

Although the duration of the trips is 60 minutes, a dedicated cabin space was provided in each boat to deal with and limit individual suspicious incidents to ensure the health of the passengers and the crew.