Full Day Cruise to Symi Island & Panormitis Monastery

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Discover the colourfulSymi Island and the historic monastery of Panormitis.

The island of Symi is among the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. Sea Dreams provides you the chance to visit Panormitis with a daily excursion from Rhodes. The colourful traditional houses on the harbour will greet you as you approach the shores of the island. The evocative atmosphere, the elegant architecture, the long naval history and the welcoming people of the island will make you part of this beautiful piece of land from the moment you set your foot on it. Enjoy an entertaining and relaxing trip to the beautiful island of Symi, shop and taste the local flavours and enjoy a cruise to remember.


  • Bus transfer from your hotel to the Tourist Port.
  • Greeting by an escort and boarding
  • Departure time is at 09:00 the morning or Sundays at 10:00 the morning
  • On arrival, meet with escort who will give you all the details for your trip to Symi Island, the stops and tips to organize the day ahead.
  • You can choose to follow our tour guide who will take you on beautiful stroll around the alleys of Symi’s capital, will introduce you to the long tradition of sponge processing, the museum and the churches of the island.
  • Free time on Symi for shopping and lunch.
  • Then we depart for the historic monastery of Panormitis to indulge into the beauty of this Aegean Sea’s corner.
  • Boat departure is scheduled for 16:30
  • Upon arrival to Rhodes, return transfer by coach to hotels

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