The Holy Monastery of the Archangel Taxiarch Michael of Panormitis is located on the southwest side of Symi. It is built on the edge of a bay, Panormos, from which it got its name.

The Holy Monastery is surrounded by cypresses and pines, directly at the sea, characterizing the area by its insurmountable natural beauty. The first written evidence of the existence of the Monastery is from the 15th century, and it is adorned by a beautiful bell tower, in the baroque-rococo style of 1905-1911, which imitates the analogue of the Zagorsk Monastery, near Moscow. Its imposing, miraculous icon was created in 1724 by the remarkable craftsman John of Peloponnese. Impressive is the pebbly courtyard with its beautiful geometric patterns and pots with fragrant basil, bougainvillea and hibiscus.

We all know the innumerable miracles that take place in the Holy Pilgrimage of the Archangel Michael of the Panormite. Believers place small notes inside bottles, that mention their pain, difficulties and generally the problem that concerns them together with their "tama".

They leave their bottles in the sea with the invitation that the Archangel will lead them to the Panormos creek, in Symi, where the Holy Monastery of the Archangel dominates. Miraculously, such bottles arrive on the shores of Panormos, and it is said by the locals that the sea "washes" them up, or at other times fishermen catch them a few meters away and lay them before the icon.

The Fathers of the Holy Monastery, in addition to the prayer, also send a comforting letter of thanks to the sender, a small proof that indeed, the "tama" of the believer has arrived from the ends of the earth. Other believers who have the opportunity to visit the Holy Monastery deposit straw brooms in the shrine of the Archangel to "sweep clean" their mistakes and omissions or to cure their plagues and diseases. The locals affectionately call the Saint "The Thief" because if someone does not fulfill their promise, the Saint goes and takes it himself.

These tamas are kept somewhere in front of the imposing and miraculous icon of the Archangel Michael and in the sacristy of the monastery. A folklore and ecclesiastical museum operate in the courtyard of the Holy Monastery. Agricultural tools, carpentry tools, handmade looms, local clothing, traditional furniture, amphorae, earthenware and other items from shipwrecks brought by divers are on display.

All these are offerings of believers as a sign of love, respect and loyalty to the Saint. The museum also includes the area of ​​the old cellar, where the temperature is constant all year round and the first monks used it to preserve food in large jars. The first Kitchen with the wood-burning dining area and its characteristic "smell", is also preserved.

The monastery celebrates on November 8 and on Pentecost, with crowds of believers heading there to worship. Devotees arrive from all the surrounding islands of the Dodecanese, but the bulk of the passengers come from Rhodes. The AFOI KAKA family since 1960, with "EPTANISOS" and with "RODOS 1", was one of the first to transport people organized from Rhodes to visit the Holy Monastery.

From 1975 until today, it continues to carry the largest volume of passengers to Symi every day, and was the family that started to establish Symi as a tourist destination. Since 1994, the family tradition has been taken over by the family of Captain Michalis Kakas and has operated the company Sea Dreams striving to offer the best day cruise and enhance customers' vacations by offering a variety of destination "discovery" experiences in relation to quality and price with an ongoing commitment to excellent, reliable service.

The company monitors the changes and developments and adapts its boats and its excursions according to the needs of the customers. This year the King Saron catamaran runs the classic route Rhodes Symi Panormitis Rhodes every day with departure from the Tourist Port of Rhodes at 09:00 and return at 16:45, the longest part of the journey being only 65 min. In addition, it offers passengers who want to travel later, a departure from Rhodes at 12:00 and the last route from Symi to Rhodes at 18:30.

This year, on the days of the festival of Panormitis, the company Sea Dreams will run several itineraries for pilgrimage to the Holy Monastery of Panormitis.

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