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...For the love of the sea

At Sea Dreams, we are inspired and driven by our love for the sea. Our family-run business has been connecting people with the blue waters of Symi since 1975 when our family started to establish this beautiful destination as a tourist destination. Our commitment to excellence, reliability and quality has made Sea Dreams the largest volume of passenger boats in Symi and Marmaris.

Captain Michalis Kakas, who has taken over Sea Dreams since 1994, expanded its operation to Turkey/Marmaris. Driven by his passion for the sea he created experiences of discovery for visitors, offering a variety of day cruises with unbeatable quality and prices.

With a legacy longer than sixty years, Sea Dreams Cruises has long been the premier name in shipping and excursions on the island of Rhodes. Our long-standing presence in this amazing corner of the world is marked by our commitment to providing an unforgettable cruise experience for all of our passengers. We are especially proud to have built up an impressive fleet of ships today, giving us total control over our journeys so that we can provide you with the highest possible standard of safety and satisfaction. To further ensure your security onboard, we hold I.S.M certificates ensuring that you are in safe hands when sailing with Sea Dreams Cruises.

Our mission is simple – to help you make lasting memories with euphoric experiences tailored just for you, no matter where they take you – be it Symi Island or Marmaris/Turkey.



Among the distinguishing strengths that we believe provide us with a competitive advantage in the shipping industry are the following:


We own a modern, high-quality fleet for a safe and unforgettable cruise experience.

High-Quality Fleet

An impressive fleet of ships today gives us total control over our journeys hold.

Quality Assurance

I.S.M certificates ensuring that you are in safe hands.

1945 1945


The vessel called Eptanisos was the beginning the second generation and a long-lasting shipping tradition. The then wooden boat was only in use for the sea transfer of various merchandise but not for the transportation of passengers.

1955-1977 1955-1977


In 1962 the vessel Rodos, the first iron made ship in the locals lines, had its maiden voyage, connecting the island of Rhodes with the shore of Turkey (Marmaris) until the Cypriot coup in 1974.

1977-1987 1977-1987

Rodos II

With the addition of the vessel called Rodos II (1968) to our fleet, we became the dominant factor of day cruise market. We started our second day cruise, offering our passengers a daily connection to the enchanting island of Symi.

1988 1988


A new era of modern passenger transportation started with the purchase of the PS Express 1. Being the fastest passenger vessel in Greece (27knots) at its time- it allowed us to transport our passengers with a style and quality on a high-speed sea connection.

1996 1996


The third generation era enhances with the hydrofoil (flying Dolphins). Opened a new chapter in passenger transportation and and enhanced the already extraordinary experience of our organized day cruise to Marmaris in Turkey

2002 2002


Through the years, the demand for day cruises to the island of Symi grew exponentially, and we added the boat named Symi to our fleet. Not only were we able to transfer more passengers now, but also vehicles, and we even had space onboard for live entertainment.

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