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From Rhodes: Marmaris Full-Day Trip by Boat

Experiences, aromas and smells of the East, in nearby Marmaris, Turkey. The splendor of the old city, the rich, wonderful food, the colorful, vibrant market with bargain invites from sellers will immerse you in the Eastern atmosphere of this marvelous city. With our fast, comfortable and safe ferries you can spend more time at the destination and less on the route. When you arrive at the destination you can choose to join the group tour or discover the destination the way you desire.

About this activity

Free cancellation

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

The quickest ferry!

Spend more time on the destination! We have the quickest and safest ferry tour!

Sanitation Measures

We comply with all sanitary safety measures

Free Optional Pickup

At the time of booking, you can choose whether you would like a free bus transfer from your accommodation to the Tourist Port and back.


Visit two countries and two continents during your vacation.

Free transfer from and to your hotel.

The most efficient way to reach your destination will take only 60 minutes.


Departure from Rhodes: 09:00

An enjoyable and fast route to Marmaris and return to Rhodes. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the stated departure time. Don't forget to bring your positive attitude, comfy attire, sunscreen, and selfie stick!

Considering that you will be traveling to a third country, remember to bring your travel documents with you.

Along the Way

You will be travelling with one of our best high speed catamarans. During your travel, you will benefit from excellent service provided to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Arrival in Marmaris in 60' 10:00

The stay at Marmaris lasts until 17:00.

Upon arrival to Marmaris, you will be met by an escort who will assist you with customs and introduce you to a native Turkish guide who will take you on a scenic bus tour. There, you will explore the vibrant cityscapes and enjoy a unique panoramic view of Marmaris.


To experience a significant part of Turkish heritage, a visit to a jewelry center and a Turkish delight shop is given. There will be free beverages, sweets, and restrooms available.


Return by coach to the Marmaris seafront, just outside the bazaar, where you will be advised of the meeting time for the afternoon journey back to the port.


Before meeting again for the return bus ride to Marmaris port, you have free time for shopping, sightseeing, lunch, or even relaxing on the beach.


Alternatively, you can choose not to join the group tour, but rather discover the beauties of Marmaris on your own.

Departure from Marmaris to Rhodes 17:00 arrival in 65'
End of tour

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