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The holy Monastery of the Archangel Michael of Panormitis is situated on the southern tip of the island and it majestically stands in the middle of the bay of Panormos. It is one of the largest shrines of Orthodoxy in the Dodecanese islands, well known all over Greece.

It dates back at least to the fifteenth century, while the current single space basilica, with the cross-shaped domes, was built in the 1783. It is a large single vaulted Basilica whose wooden icon screen is a real masterpiece. The wall paintings from the main church date back to 1792. Also notable are the impressive bell tower, the carved screen, the icons (most are painted in the Cretan Byzantine style), offerings and the Panormitis icon. The full figure representation was covered entirely in gold and silver in 1724 at the expense of the captains, clergy and community of Symi.

The monastery complex has an Ecclesiastical Museum with rich collections of relics and a Folklore Museum. There is also a Library with post Byzantine manuscripts. It has also a hostel for visiting worshippers. The Monastery celebrates on the 8th of November and on Pentecost.

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