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Feel the spirit of the East!


Embark on a journey to the Turkish seafront resort of Marmaris.


  • Visit two countries and two continents in one holiday
  • Shop at low prices in a huge market and take advantage of the currency
  • Try the delicious local food and sweets
  • Free scenic bus tour and unique panorama
  • Enjoy strolling around the vivid marina of the town


The name derives from the Turkish word mermer, Greek màrmaron (marble) because of the rich deposits of marble in the region, and the prominent role of the city’s port in the marble trade.

Marmaris today is one of the most charming towns on the south shores of Turkey. Some decades ago it was a small fishing village which has evolved into a popular touristic resort of the Mediterranean. With its numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops, there is always something interesting going on in the city!

The two main marinas attract large numbers of yachts and sailing boats throughout the year. The beauty of nature, the medieval charm of the old city, the modern architecture, the rich, tasty cuisine, the colorful vivid market, with the delightful aromas and the bargain invitations by the shopkeepers, will make you part of the Eastern spirit in the city of Marmaris.


The main attractions of Marmaris that you should not miss out on, especially if you are visiting for only a day, is the medieval Castle on the hilltop; it offers stunning views of the surrounding area! The Old Town is surrounding it with the only traditional houses and buildings left in Marmaris that survived the earthquake in 1957. For the keen Historian, there is also a Museum with significant archaeological finds from Knidos, Datça and various shipwrecks.

The Marmaris Bazaar is a typical eastern marketplace with several shops selling authentic Turkish keepsakes as well as clothing and anything else you could wish for.


When in Marmaris, you have to try the local cuisine. Here, typical eastern flavours meet international cuisine in an exciting blend that leaves no one unsatisfied. Also, the Bazaar is an excellent place for shopping, where you will find anything from fiery spices to traditional artwork or delightful sweets and treats for a bargain! Strolling around the Old Town and the Marmaris promenade is an experience that will only leave you with beautiful memories of Marmaris. Whether you’d prefer to admire the yachts, docked along the pier, or shop until you drop, the marina is continually brimming with atmosphere and fun. There are also many musicians, performing live all along the waterfront, and a wide variety of excellent cafés and restaurants.

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